Radarius is an application in which you will be able to find interesting and nice people close to you, and communicate with them.
Radarius has two modes in which the radar operates.
First is the check-in mode which determines the exact location of users, and the Hidden mode which only shows the distance to the user. Using these two modes will help you find and get to know interesting people who are near you.
To become a popular user on the radar – the more likes you get, the bigger your avatar appears on the radar. This makes you more noticeable for others. The more interesting photos you upload, the more positive ratings and popularity you get in Radarius.
Vote whether you like the profiles of other users to see the matches who also liked you.
The app is absolutely free to use.
We also offer a VIP membership of Radarius. This status allows you:
– to view anonymously people on the radar without showing your location,
– unlimited communication with new users,
– the ability to view your favorites even if they did not match,
– and most importantly, your avatar as a VIP membership on the radar is more noticeable by other users.
Your popularity on the radar increases with the number of days of VIP membership.

to be continued, keep for updates.